As part of developing Maine’s 10-Year Strategic Plan, seven strategies have been identified to help Maine reach its vision of A Diverse & Sustainable Economy for All.

Grow Local Talent

Invest in Mainers through early & adult education 

Attract New Talent

Grow Maine's workforce through immigration, in-migration and increased participation 

Promote Innovation

Take advantage of Maine's natural strengths to facilitate growth

Build Connections

Ubiquitous connectivity for rural and low income communities

Promote Hubs of Excellence

Strengthen areas with high growth potential

Providing Supporting Infrastructure

Quality of life investments including childcare, housing and transportation

Maintain Stable and Predictable Business Rules

Consistency, transparency, and timeliness in regulatory standards

Opportunity Intersects

Maine has the potential to take advantage of the areas where global trends intersect with Maine's strengths.

When these areas are combined strategically, the opportunities for great jobs and a diversified economy are further multiplied.

These areas are built on Maine’s foundational economic sectors of tourism, hospitality, health care, education, retail, outdoor recreation and the arts. Without these vibrant sectors, we are not Maine.

Access the full 40 page plan here to view specific action items and find more background on the state's economy.

 Full Plan

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